What Is A M.O.G.

Delivering PT Solutions That Measure And Mitigate Health-Related Risks And Associated Costs

Improving The Overall Health Of Those With Higher Risk Medical Conditions.

Decreasing Downstream Cost Of Care For Specific Patient Populations.

Increasing Referrals By Adding Medical Fitness Services To Your Practice.

What is a M.O.G.

Integrated into a Physical Therapy Practice, the The Medically Oriented Gym (affectionately known as “the M.O.G.”) is revolutionizing the way people improve and maintain their health. At the M.O.G., every aspect of your health history is connected through exercise. We provide our members with the support, guidance and care they not only need but deserve.

Through fitness, wellness and guidance, M.O.G. facilities are specifically designed to improve the life and health of your patients and members. Working closely with doctors and other healthcare providers, we help our patients and members achieve and maintain an exceptional quality of life, by focusing on all aspects of their health.